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From the desk of the Sysop

Welcome to The Thunderbolt BBS website. Depending on your web browser, you may hear a clap of thunder as the page loads (every 5 minutes)...the audio is courtesy of While the site may note ''NOT SECURE'', no data is actually enterable via the website (as noted below)...although other links (FTelnet to the BBS, what a BBS is, lightning safety, ham radio related, etc.) are provided.

The BBS is a hybrid system, run by Daryl Stout, WX1DER (left photo above), with VADV-PHP as the website, with the ATI Red Theme in memory of the late Tim Cornett (right photo above), and Synchronet for the rest of the BBS...which is in memory of the late Janice E.H. Stout (center photo above). I also have utilities that were exclusive to GT Power, the first BBS software that I ran under dial-up for 13 years. While it is now capable of telnet, it does not offer email, a website, etc. Current owner Tom Watt has made it free for non-commercial use.

Note that data for the System Statistics on the website is updated manually, except for the netmail/echomail runs, and FIDONet message network incoming message for the QWK Networking areas, and messages originating locally (including daily autoposts), is not included in the totals. You can view the doorgame scores in the Online Bulletins Viewer door. Once connected via the FTelnet Link above, you can BROWSE a LIMITED view of the BBS by logging on as GUEST. No password is needed, but you'll need to leave your name, email, and where you heard about the BBS...however, no other info is required to logon as a GUEST; but as with the website, your BBS access will be LIMITED.

The website won't allow actual logons, no matter what is, I've CHANGED it to where you can view the local message aread (READ ONLY), and access most (but not all) of the file areas. For more of the logon via FTelnet, click on the link above, then click on CONNECT. You will need to set your file transfer protocol to Ymodem-G, if logging on via FTelnet.

Also, that link is the ONLY way to apply for access, as I have set it to where you can NOT apply for access from the website. Prospective users MUST successfully complete the New User Logon Process within 48 hours of initial logon, or their account will be DELETED WITHOUT COMMENT. Besides COMPLETELY and TRUTHFULLY providing information (which is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL -- released ONLY for a Law Enforcement Subpeona, or BBS Rules violations), they will need to leave a New User Feedback Message, telling where they heard about the BBS, and what they're looking for in, complete the Telnet Email Verifier. Aliases are OK after verification.

Lastly, please use that same FTelnet link above to contact me...especially if you've lost or forgotten your BBS clicking on CONNECT, and choose Feedback. Be sure to leave your real name and email address, if you want a reply.

Daryl Stout
The Thunderbolt BBS


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